By default, your entire blockchain transaction history and balances are public. Anyone who knows that you own a particular address can quickly view your payments, trace the source of your funds, calculate your holdings, and analyze your on-chain activity. Cyclone is built to address these problems.

Cyclone Protocol is a cross-chain, non-custodial, universal privacy-preserving protocol for DeFi with the decentralized governance. Cyclone applies zkSNARKs to enable transactional privacy for all DeFi components by breaking the on-chain link between depositor and recipient addresses.

Cyclone Protocol is the leading #PriFi protocol that offers multi-chain + zkSNARKs-based privacy, with yield enhancement, governed by the decentralized DAO. Cyclone protocol is the world-first protocol that supports anonymity pools aggregating yield-generating DeFi components, and it is the universal privacy-enhancement layer for all DeFi apps. Since launch in 2021, Cyclone has been launched on IoTeX mainnet, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. At present Cyclone has achieved a stable TVL of $10M and is gradually increasing.

After successfully launching Cyclone on Ethereum three months ago, we are pleased to see that Cyclone has entered the next new phase — launched…

Anonymity is for Everyone!


After the successful launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, IoTeX, Cyclone Protocol already provides anonymity for 7 mainstream crypto assets — ETH, USDT, BNB, BUSD, IOTX, TORN, VITA. In the next 3months, Cyclone Protocol aims to support 36 ERC20/BEP20/XRC20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, IoTeX, Polygon(Matic), and other EVM-compatible chains, to become the multi-chain anonymity-providing protocol.

Of course, only high-quality assets with active development and communities deserve a high degree of anonymity. The way to get this list of 36 tokens is inspired by an innovative technology named Token-Curated Registries (TCR), which was original proposed by Mike…

Pancakeswap has just completed their V2 upgrade. This upgrade of Pancake is mainly for updating their LP pairs with adjustable fees. One can read their announcement here:

Because all the pairs on Pancakeswap are upgraded to new contracts, CYC/BNB pair also has a new pair. Cyclone protocol team has deployed a new LP mining pool to replace the old one.

We strongly recommend everyone upgrade to the new LP mining pool by following the four steps below.

  1. Unstake from “CYC-BNB LP V1” pool
  2. Remove Liquidity by clicking the link in the pool. (Direct link access is ). You…

Cyclone is a cross-chain, yield enhancement, and zkSNARKs-based privacy protocol that has been enhanced incrementally since day one. Today, we are excited to announce our largest upgrade yet: Cyclone 2+.

A brand new experience for anonymity and liquidity providers

Cyclone 2+ the complete redesign and implementation of the app ( With a sleek new design, the Cyclone app has been re-organized with a fresh, spacious interface to provide users with a streamlined user experience. All anonymity pools are now displayed in one single view with their respective APY and TVL, which allows users to easily compare different pools and select the ones they would like to join. …

Cyclone Protocol

The cross-chain, non-custodial, universal privacy-preserving protocol with the decentralized governance for all DeFi

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