Cyclone Highlights Review: February 2022

Cyclone Protocol
2 min readMar 1, 2022

Cooperation progress

  • Partnered with StarCrazy, and launched $GFT anonymity pool, total deposits exceed 50.
  • Cooperated with xDollar, launched $XIM anonymity pool, total deposits exceed 10.
  • Deepen the collaboration with ZoomSwap, and launched Cyclone Pools on Space Station, unlock the new Stake-Earn mode, and will promote cooperation on more quality projects.

Pool situation update

  • IoTeX Anonymity/Liquidity rewards have been refilled on Feb.15, and the pools’ life cycle adjusted to 120 days.
  • IoTeX liquidity rewards have been increased to 40 CYC per day.

Anonymity pools’ revenue ranking on each chain:

  • IoTeX
  • ETH
  • Polygon
  • BSC

The data listed is from the last day of the previous month.

Ongoing & Upcoming

  • We are discussing further collaborations with StarCrazy and xDollar, so stay tuned!
  • New pools on Space Station are coming soon, let’s look forward to them!

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