Cyclone Protocol Launching on BSC

Cyclone Protocol Is Simple

Cyclone Protocol Is Effective

  • Enough deposits staying in the pool
  • Enough withdraws happen all the time
  • The longer the asset stays in the pool, the more CYC anonymity providers obtains;
  • Set a life span of an anonymity pool (usually 90 days) to encourage anonymity providers to shuffle their assets and deposit into a new pool to improve the degree of privacy further. This is because a pool with long-term deposits but lacks short-term deposits/withdraws offers a limited privacy degree.

CYC Initial Supply on BSC

  • 2.1 CYC — initial liquidity provision on Pancakeswap
  • 100 CYC — reservation for airdropping to BSC users (We will provide details soon)
  • 50 CYC — reservation for rewarding early participants on IoTeX (We will provide details soon)
  • 50 CYC — reservation for marketing and growth
  • 50 CYC — reservation for the development of the protocol

Cyclone Protocol Is The Future

  • Open anonymity pools for new assets based on community vote
  • Launch on Ethereum, which is coming in 2021 Q2
  • Activation of the governance DAO in 2021 Q2
  • Launch cross-chain yielding-aggregated anonymity pools in 2021 Q3. Cyclone protocol is the world-first protocol that supports anonymity pools compositing with yield-generating DeFi components, and it is the universal privacy-enhancement layer for all DeFi apps.

Where to Find Us?



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