Cyclone Highlights Review: March 2022

Cyclone Protocol
2 min readApr 3, 2022

Cooperation progress

  • Deepen the collaboration with StarCrazy, launched $WGFT Pool on Cyclone Pools on Space Station.(Space Station is a pool-service platform provided by ZoomSwap)
  • The APY of the Anonymity Pool — GFT is 333% now, total deposits exceed 70+, the TVL has reached $4800+!!
  • The APR of $WGFT Pool is 13.79% now, The total stake exceeds 1000+ $CYC, and the TVL has reached $150,000+!!!

Pool situation update

  • BNB & ETH Anonymity/Liquidity rewards have been refilled on Mar.25.
  • BNB & ETH Anonymity/Liquidity pools’ life cycle adjusted to 120 days.

Monthly News

  • Blade Warrior lived on IoTeX on March 3rd. Meanwhile, they launched the NFT of Cyclone Protocol, which you can see and get through the game playing. (Blade Warrior is an immersive, fantasy, play-to-earn NFT blockchain game)
  • IoTeX team participated in the BinanceBlockchainWeek in Dubai on March 28th. They talked about the overview of what IoTeX and MachineFi can bring to the Web3 universe in the near future. On the Web3, users can get chain data which is transparent and traceable.We totally believe that Cyclone will have a broader market in the future as privacy protection will undoubtedly be a hot topic.

Anonymity pools’ revenue ranking on each chain:

  • IoTeX:
  • ETH:
  • Polygon:
  • BSC:

The data listed above is from the last day of the previous month.

Ongoing & Upcoming:

  • More business cooperation plans are under discussion, stay tuned for new pools!!

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